Planned Extended Service Downtime

On May 23, 2023 starting at 8pm we have a planned hardware migration scheduled. This is necessary to better serve our customers as we grow. Down time is expected to begin around 8pm EST May 23 and end 4pm EST May 24.

During this period, access to our services will be extremely limited. Access to the login page will be down. Campaigns should not be scheduled during this period as well. They will not send.

Campaigns that have gone out prior to this period will still function as expected. Images, Open tracking, and Click tracking will still be up.

We apologize for this extended down time.

Major ISP outages across the U.S.

*** The backlog in the delivery queue should be resolving as we ramp up delivery to the affected ISPs.

We are getting reports of major outages at:

  • Spectrum (also includes Charter, RoadRunner, Time Warner) across most of the East Coast and parts of the midwest.
  • Verizon outage in Texas and parts of the New England.
  • Cablevision/Optimum across U.S.
  • out in New England area

Along with these major providers Level3, a backbone provider, is also experiencing outages.

While these outages are not directly affecting our servers, if you see mail stuck in queue or fail/bounce due to time outs it is due to being unable to connect to a mail provider due to these outages.

Service Outage

Update: Hardware failure, remediated with hot swap replacement.  Queued sends should begin to resolve over the next hour. Services are being restored.

As of 1:06 PM EST we began experiencing a service outage. Our engineers are currently working to restore all services.

Network Outage

Update 2: Resolution has been confirmed.

Update: Servers are beginning to be accessible. We will do a final update when it is confirmed resolved.

As of 2:35 pm EST one of our COLO datacenters is experiencing a network outage.

Router Failure

Update: The router has been replaced and Campaigns are getting pushed out. You may see some delay on the Statistics as they are getting caught up.

As of 9:48 a.m. EST a router failed causing our servers to be cut off from the internet. We are in the process of replacing it. The expected resolution time is 11:30 a.m. EST.

AOL Issues

Update: The AOL issues are beginning to go away and should normalize over the next few days.

If you are experiencing a high number of bounces at AOL, know that our deliverability team is currently working with them to get this resolved.