Terms of Service Update

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The InboxFirst Terms of Service have been revised. Revised Terms of Service effective May 1, 2017

AOL Issues

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Update: The AOL issues are beginning to go away and should normalize over the next few days.

If you are experiencing a high number of bounces at AOL, know that our deliverability team is currently working with them to get this resolved.

Delayed Previews

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Update: Previews are now working as intended. Any Preview sent before 10:10 pm EST will need to be re-sent.

Campaign Previews are currently delayed. Our team is looking into the cause of this and will push out any delayed Previews as soon as possible. The delay has not affected live Campaigns.

Comcast Bounces

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As of this morning, IP reputation monitor ReturnPath is not returning Sender Scores for IP addresses across the internet causing Comcast’s automatic blocking systems to block all mail.

Facebook Discontinues Email Forwarding

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On May 1 Facebook will discontinue forwarding email addresses to forwarding accounts. We will no longer attempt to deliver email addresses that contain to avoid deliverability or bounce issues for our customers.

The email address will still be on your Mailing Lists unless you Deactivate them.

Open and Click tracking delayed

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Update: Tracking is getting pushed out to Statistics right now. It may take a few hours to be completely caught up.

Investigating – Early this morning our servers that push the Statistic data for Campaigns is delayed in pushing the Open and Click data to your Campaign Statistics.

Comcast outage near datacenter

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Update: The service disruption started at about 1:00 pm EST and resolved at about 2:00 pm EST.
The practical impact of this in most cases was that if a Comcast subscriber attempted to access web interface using HTTPS that attempt was likely to fail.

As far as we can tell, this issue did not impact any unencrypted protocols like HTTP or SMTP, so most outgoing emails and incoming clicks/opens were unaffected.

The problem was resolved on its own.

Comcast users may have intermittent difficulty in accessing the Inboxfirst web interface due to a localized Comcast outage near the data center.

High Rate of Bounces at Microsoft Accounts

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Update – Deliverability has made progress with the Microsoft team. Bounces are coming down. The initial find is the Microsoft spam algorithm incorrectly flagged IP addresses as “spammy” due to the mail stream increases beyond the threshold’s limits. We will continue to mitigate with them until all mail is flowing freely again.

Investigating – We are suddenly seeing high bounce rates coming from Microsoft accounts (,,, tonight. Our deliverability team is currently in communication with Microsoft to determine the cause of this.

Emails stuck in queue

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Updating – The large queues are now processing.

Investigating – Our team is investigating reports of emails being stuck in the queue. Our Operations team is looking at this with their highest priority.

Campaigns not deploying

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Update 10/17/2015: All Campaigns should be deploying as expected at this point.

We are receiving reports that Campaigns stopped deploying around 9:00 am EST. Our engineers are investigating.